Within linguistics, my passion is the revitalization & documentation of endangered languages, and my formal interests include the verbal domain and ellipsis. I have helped with documentation projects in New York City/Nepal, Botswana, and New York City/Croatia. Currently, I work as R.A. to Maria Polinsky at the University of Maryland, College Park, where I am helping copy- and style-edit an upcoming Oxford Handbook, as well as auditing classes and working on Aklanon in a field methods course.


Led into linguistics by my creative practice, I graduated in 2015 from New York University with an undergraduate degree in Linguistics and a double-minor in Mandarin Chinese and Global Visual Arts. My thesis, Filling in the Gaps — Revisting the Syntax of English Gapping Constructions, is a paper in theoretical syntax which revisits a well-known (and fascinating nonetheless) construction called gapping.

Throughout my time at NYU, I grew more and more conscious that globalization, industrialization, and (economic) colonialism all pose a severe threat to diversity of biology, thought, culture, and language. The profound nature of language endangerment reoriented my priorities such that I became intent on addressing issues that were not purely theoretical and started volunteering at the Endangered Language Alliance.