Language enchants me. I have CONSTRUCTED LANGUAGES (‘conlangs’) since the age of eight, and this creative passion led me to the academic field of linguistics. I will not divorce or deny my identity as a conlanger from my identity as a linguist; the former is simply the latter's creative counter-weight.

In 2015, I graduated magna cum laude from New York University with an undergraduate degree in Linguistics with Highest Honors and a double-minor in Mandarin Chinese and Global Visual Arts. The title of my Honors Thesis is FILLING IN THE GAPS — REVISITING THE SYNTAX ENGLISH GAPPING CONSTRUCTIONS. At the end of my senior year, I was awarded the ROBERT A. FOWKES AWARD for high achievement in Linguistics.

In addition, I am interested in revitalization and preservation of endangered languages. I volunteered with the ENDANGERED LANGUAGES ALLIANCE in Manhattan from 2014-2015, wherein I worked with a language spoken in Nepal named Gurung. I've written a paper about the syntax of reciprocal constructions in Sikles Gurung.

My constructed language (conlang) is named ŁAÁ SIRI. I began it in January 2011, and it is currently my only conlang under active development. It has ten phonemes, encodes spatial deixis morphologically, and lacks personal pronouns. It evolves as I do, and will never be complete.