May this space reflect the syncretism with which I see my seemingly disparate passions. The selected academic and creative works express my interests in language, linguistics, creation, and spirituality. For me, these are all manifestations of the same underlying desire to communicate — foremost with each other, also between our internal & external cosmos, and with our animate biosphere. 

Since I was very young, I have been talking to myself — a lot — and making up my own languages. My creative passion for constructing languages (conlanging) eventually led me to study the science of language (linguistics).

In the language section of this space, I describe my academic background in theoretical syntax and my involvement in several projects to document endangered languages in Nepal, Botswana, and Croatia. For each language, I have created a dedicated page to provide literature and resources to those interested.

Therein also exists a separate section for my personal practice of constructing languages, since this was my gateway into linguistics. My language is called łaá si-ri. Wherever you see a sample of text written in my language's orthography, you can hover over the text for a romanization.

In the creation section of this space, I present some of my creative work with photography, web & graphic design, poetry, etc. This website, entirely designed and programmed by me, is itself one of these creations. (I am a freelance graphic and web designer in case you have any projects you need help with.)

Zach Wellstood

I come from the valley between the yar'aa'lá saa'ya-ra' (Blue Mountains) and the yaa'ła sasa'łayi'yár (River That Flows Two Ways); this region, whose mountains and trees wordlessly taught me what others could not, is an integral aspect of my identity.

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