Everyone's always telling me that I need to pick one thing to focus on, to which I respond that specialization should be reserved for machine parts! I hope that this virtual space reflects the syncretism with which I see my seemingly disparate passions in language and creating things. For me, these are manifestations of the same underlying curiosity to communicate (whether with each other or with the trees).

My creative practice of constructing languages (conlanging) eventually led me to study the science of language (linguistics) at NYU, where I grew committed to helping preserve the world's linguistic diversity through documenting endangered languages. What do you get when you try to make sense of all of the above? A PhD! I am currently a second-year PhD student at the University of California, Berkeley where I focus on syntax and language documentation.

Please always feel free to contact me here or via email, z@zwelldesigns.com.

P.S. My conlang is called łaá si-ri. Wherever you see a sample of text written in my language's orthography, you can hover over (click! on mobile) the text for a romanization or other surprises.

Zach WellstoodI come from the valley between the yar'aa'lá ya-ra (Blue Mountains) and the yaa'ła rasa'łayi'yár (River That Flows Two Ways) this region's mountains and trees wordlessly taught me what others could not.