Language has proven to be the great catalyst for human ingenuity. Where would we be if it were not for this ability to communicate across time and space? While pursuing the scientific study of language, my constructed language (conlang), named łaá si-ri, has been a constant companion throughout the evolution of my thought. Creating languages is, in fact, what drew me into linguistics from an early age (between 8 ~ 14 years old).

łaá siri

Born on the school bus in 2011, still unfolding. łaá siri is a personally constructed language for artistic pleasure which has eleven contrastive phonemes (ʔ, l, ł, tł, s, ts, y, r, a, i, u), a somewhat complicated system of tone/pitch accent, and morphologically encoded deixis instead of person. Having outlasted all the others, it is currently my only conlang under active development . . . continue reading »

Conlang Sketches

Here are some conlangs I have worked on over the years. For the most part, these were abandoned (so I call them lornlangs).

Polysynthetic English

  • walbaindbredi draptswaleti
    wal-bai-n-d-bred-i drap-t-s-walet-i
    while-buy-PROG-DEF.OBJ-bread-3SG.M.SUBJ drop-PST-3SG.POSS-wallet-3SG.M.SUBJ
    'While he was buying bread, he dropped his wallet.'
    (While buying the bread he, dropped his wallet he)
  • zwalet felttegrount
    z-walet fel-t-te-grount
    3SG.POSS-wallet fell-PST-LOC-ground
    His wallet fell onto the ground.
    (His wallet fell to ground)
  • so uppiktswaleti...
    so up-pik-t-s-walet-i
    so up-pick-PST-3SG.POSS-wallet-3SG.M.SUBJ
    'So he picked up his wallet...'
    (So up picked his wallet he)
  • ...n alsawtgudi.
    n al-saw-t-gud-i
    and all-saw-PST-good-3SG.M.SUBJ
    '...and he checked if everything was in order.'
    (And all saw good he)
  • den fozbret wenpeiteti
    den fo-z-bret wen-pei-t-et-i
    then for-3SG.POSS-bread went-pay-PST-3SG.N.OBJ-3SG.M.SUBJ
    'Then he went to pay for his bread.'
    (Then for his bread went paid it he)

Tone Sandhi and Lenition Sketch

Can you figure out the rules for tone sandhi and lenition for the unnamed conlang below?

  1. ɸæ̌ ɲʷəx t͡sŋ̩
  2. ɸæ̀ ɲúx sŋ̩
  3. ɸæ̌ xɔ̀ː pʰæ̀ ɲúx sŋ̩
  4. ɸæ̌ xɔ̀ː pʰæ̌ ɲʷəx t͡sŋ̩
  5. xʲǝ mæ̂ mɾà̤ʏ̀
  6. xí mæ̀ mɾà̤ʏ̀
  7. mɾà̤ʏ̀ xí m̥æ̀.
  8. n̥a̤ː rɔ́ kǽ
  9. θkǽ rɔ́ na̤ː
  10. θkǽ rɔ́ na̤ː xɔ̀ː kǽ ɲúx mɾà̤ʏ̀ vó ka
  11. m̥ŋ̩ sǽlː xǝɾ